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Technical Support

If you are experiencing difficulties with your hardware, feel free to contact PC Kiel today.

Computer Repair

Has your PC broken down and don't know what to do? Is your laptop slow and unresponsive?

Software Support

Working from home and can't get a new application to run? Need help with a program you just can't get to work?

Remote Access

Maybe you're in need of immediate technical help and it isn't possible for you to travel? I can help remotely.

PC Kiel is here to help


Desktop PC Repairs

Software Support

Hard Drive Replacement

Windows Repair

Operating System Fixes

Driver Support

Virus Removal

Hardware Upgrade Advice 

Motherboard / CPU / RAM Upgrades

Graphics Card Upgrade

Hard Drive Capacity Upgrade

Hardware Upgrade Advice 

Windows Upgrade & Data Backup

Ready to assist

It’s not always necessary to bring your computer or laptop in for repair as technical problems can often be resolved via remote access.

We Repair Most Brands

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